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Westmorland Gazette –written by Richard Edmonson

Week 17

The Kendal and District Bowling League produced another dramatic week of action across all six divisions.  In Division One, Netherfield B and Holme B battled out a hard fought 5-5 draw at Netherfield Bowling Club. Netherfield made a good start when Rod Holmes defeated David Crayston 21-19, however Holme stayed in the contest after Dave Mcroy saw off Roger Townsend 21-16.  Netherfield continued to pick up points through Jonathan Nicholson, and Tony Dixon who both defeated Tom Baxter and Stephen Varcoe, while Phil Cheeseman eased past Ellie Chandler 21-3.  How ever Holme picked up points through Alan Hine, Alan Stewart and Mike Fell before the game ended 5-5.  In the other games Victoria A eased past Netherfield A, to remain on top of Division One, Bowness A edged out Windermere A 6-4, Lindale A defeated Victoria B 7-3, Holme A eased past Kings Arms Hales A, while Levens A won 8-2 at Burneside A.

Burton A defeated Arnside A 9-1 in Division Two, while both Crosthwaite A and Kirkby Lonsdale A picked up 7-3 victories against Subscription A and Allithwaite A.  In the final games Ambleside A and Staveley A ran out 8-2 winners against Burton B and Netherfield C.  Abbot Hall A defeated Burneside B 8-2 in Division Three, while there were wins for Lower Holker A, Levens B, Milnthorpe A, Victoria C and Holme C.

In Division Four Allithwaite B defeated Arnside B 8-2,Subscription B edged out Hawkshead 6-4, Langdale and Netherfield D picked up 7-3 victories over Abbot Hall B and Levens C, before Endmoor A picked up an important 8-2 win against Kings Arms Hales B.  Victoria D continued to dominate Division Five after an impressive 8-2 win at Subscription C, while in Division Six, Burneside D saw off Milnthorpe C 7-3.

Week 16

Victoria A continued to lead the way at the top of Division One after an 8-2 victory at Kings Arms Hales A. Victoria who are still undefeated battled past a resilient opponent, when Martin Gilpin defeated Norman McLeod 21-11, while Ian Nicholson saw off Derek Bell 21-12.  There were also wins for Ira Collier, Matthew Simpson and Daniel Monks, while Jonathan Cooper picked up the best result for the league leaders following an impressive 21-9 win over Mike Proctor.  Kings Arms Hale A’s only points came from Ian France who defeated Alan Gilpin 21-13, before Billy Caldwell edged out Keith Atkinson 21-20.  In the other games, there were 6-4 wins for Holme A,Levens A and Victoria B who defeated Windermere A, Netherfield A and Bowness A respectively.  Lindale A defeated Netherfield B 8-2, while Holme B won by the same score after seeing off Burneside A.

In Division Two, Burton A eased past Allithwaite A 8-2, Burton B defeated Windermere B 6-4, Crosthwaite A picked up a 7-3 win against Ambleside, Staveley A won 8-2 at Arnside A, while Subscription A defeated Kirkby Lonsdale A.  Sedbergh and Lower Holker A battled out a dramatic 5-5 draw in Division Three, Ambleside B remained at the top of the league after a convincing win over Ingleborough A. Holme C won 7-3 at Burneside B, Levens B defeated Milnthorpe A 8-2, Heversham A battled past Victoria C 7-3, while in the final game Abbot Hall A won 8-2 at Windermere C.

In Division Four, the stand out result saw league leaders Allithwaite C battle out a hard fought 6-4 win at Abbot Hall B, while in Division five, there were wins for Lower Holker B, Victoria D, Burneside C,Kirkby Lonsdale B,Staveley B and Subscription C.

Week 13

Burneside A picked up a crucial 7-3 win over Lindale in Division One of The Kendal and District Bowling League on what proved to be an important week of action across all six divisions.  Burneside who are second from bottom in the table impressed against a strong Lindale Team, when David Hennes edged out Lindale’s Bill Keating 21-19.  There were also wins for Gary Bingham who defeated Lindale’s Mark Heywood 21-9, while David Jackson and Colin Slinger defeated Barbara Petit and David Nicholson.  Lindale’s best result came from Stephen Viney who defeated Ian Mitchell 21-12, while Ann Anderson and Mike Atkinson defeated Kevin Bateman and Anthony Batty.  Burneside though picked up the win when Robert Atkinson defeated Laraine Keating 21-7.  Victoria continued to dominate Division One following a comfortable win over bottom of the table Netherfield B.  Holme kept their title hopes alive after they defeated Bowness A 8-2, Windermere A won 7-3 at Netherfield A, Kings Arms Hale A won by the same score against Holme B while Levens A defeated Victoria B.

In Division Two, Windermere B defeated Crosthwaite A 8-2, Burton A eased past Kirkby Lonsdale A, Staveley A picked up an important 7-3 victory over Ambleside A, while Netherfield C eased past Allithwaite A 7-3.  Abbot Hall A remained second in Division Three following a 7-3 victory over Holme C, Ambleside B defeated Burneside B, Sedbergh won 8-2 at Heversham A, Victoria C and Windermere C both picked up 7-3 wins over Milnthorpe A and Ingleborough A, before Levens B held onto defeat Lower Holker A 6-4.

In Division Four, Arnside B held their nerve to defeat Abbot Hall B 6-4, in the other games Kings Arms Hales B battled past Levens C 8-2, Hawkshead defeated Bowness B 7-3.  Subscription B claimed the derby honors following an 8-2 win over local rivals Netherfield C, Allithwaite B won by the same score after easing past Langdale, while in the final game Endmoor A impressed in victory over Allithwaite C.  Victoria D won 8-2 at Heversham B in Division Five, with Samuel Blackstone picking up the best result after defeating Barbara Clay.

In Division Six, the stand out result saw Burneside D win 8-2 at Subscription D.

Week 12

The Kendal and District Bowling League produced yet another competitive week of action across all six divisions.   In Division One, Netherfield A and Netherfield B battled out a dramatic 5-5 draw. The A Team had picked up points through Jon Sarsfield who defeated Phil Cheeseman, while Rod Holmes and Roy Crompton battled past  Hazel Borradile and Ted Leather. However the B Team battled back when Jon Nicholson edged past Sue Hogarth 21-13, while Keith Robinson held onto defeat Mal Barker 21-18.  However the closest result of the night saw Bryan Boardley edge out Mick Simpson 21-20, before Don Kennedy claimed a 21-14 win over John Capstick while the game ended 5-5.  Holme A remained second in the table after seeing off Holme B 7-3, while Bowness A won by the same score with victory over Burneside A.  In the other games Levens A won at Lindale A while Windermere A and Kings Arms Hales A drew 5-5.

Five games were played in Division Two, where both Kirkby Lonsdale A and Subscription A picked up 8-2 victories over Windermere B and Staveley A.  Allithwaite A won 7-3 against Arnside A, Burton A won 6-4 at Burton B, while Ambleside A defeated Netherfield C .  Ambleside B remained ten points clear at the top of Division Three despite losing 7-3 to Milnthorpe A, Levens B saw off Ingleborough A 6-4,Sedbergh defeated Holme C 7-3,Abbot Hall A edged out Lower Holker A 6-4 before Burneside B picked up a crucial 7-3 victory over Heversham A.

IN Division Four, Allithwaite B, Endmoor A and Langdale ran out 7-3 victory  over Arnside B, Allithwaite C and Levens C while Netherfield D , Abbot Hall B and Kings Arms Hales B picked up 8-2 wins against Hawkshead, Subscription B and Bowness B.  Victoria D remained the team to beat in Division Five after victory over Milnthorpe B, while in Division Six, Windermere D remained one point clear at the top following an 8-2 win at Holme D

Week 8

The Kendal and District Bowling reached one of its most crucial weeks of the season especially in Division One after both Victoria and Holme A went head to head in the battle of the top two.  Both sides went into the game with an undefeated record after winning all of their opening games, while Holme held a long undefeated run which stretched back to last season.  However the contest proved to be one sided after Victoria A defeated Holme A 8-2. The result it’s self was impressive especially after most were expecting the contest to be relatively close, however Victoria were in relentless form from the start after Ian Nicholson picked up the best result for the home side following a 21-4 victory over Holme A’s Dan Varcoe.  In the other games Alan Gilpin battled past Stephen Ashburn 21-17, while Ira Collier saw off Liam Baxter 21-6.  Victoria continued to dominate when Martin Gilpin, Jonathan Cooper and Matthew Simpson defeated Matthew Stewart,  Callum Baxter and Bob Grizedale respectively.  Holmes only points came from Gavin Whitehead and Mark Ashburn who edged out Daniel Monks and Dave Hourihan.  The result leaves Victoria A on top where they hold a four point advantage over Holme A who are second.  While the top two battled it out there were also some crucial games played in the rest of the division after Victoria B defeated Netherfield A 7-3,before Kings Arms Hales A  saw off Bowness A 8-2.  Holme B edged out Lindale A 6-4, while there were also wins for Levens A and Windermere A.

Burton A remained top of Division Two despite falling to their first defeat of the season after losing 6-4 at Staveley.  Crosthwaite A and Kirkby Lonsdale A were also 6-4 winners with victories over Burton B and Arnside A, Netherfield C defeated Subscription A 7-3 while Allithwaite A defeated Windermere A.  In Division Three Ambleside B, Heversham A, Victoria C and Levens B ran out 8-2 winners against Windermere C, Abbot Hall A Sedbergh and, Holme C.  Ingleborough A battled to a 6-4 win over Milnthorpe A before Burneside and B and Lower Holker A drew 5-5.

Arnside B, Allithwaite B, Allithwaite C,and Levens C picked up crucial wins in Division Four, while Hawkshead and Abbot Hall B drew 5-5.  Victoria D are two points clear at the top of Division Five following an 8-2 win at Burneside C while in Division six Lindale C stay top of the division after seeing off Burneside D 8-2.

Week 7

The Kendal and District Bowling League continued on another busy week of action. In Division One Holme A remained two points clear at the top of Division one after defeating Netherfield A. Victoria A were two points behind following an 8-2 win against Levens A.  In the other games Burneside A defeated Kings Arms Hales A 7-3, Lindale A edged out Windermere A 6-4,Bowness A edged out Holme B 7-3, while Victoria B saw off Netherfield V 6-4.

Ambleside A won their seventh consecutive game in Division Two after a hard fought 6-4 win against Subscription A.  Subscription made a strong start after Colin Haworth defeated Dave Nelson 21-8, while Trevor Jeffery edged out Alan Wilson 21-15. Ambleside battled back when Joanne Stonehouse held onto defeat Bob Travis 21-20,while there were also wins for Joanne Stonehouse,Ray Wilson and Bernard Tebay who defeated Bob Travis, Nina Waite and Doreen Robinson.  Sue Todd also picked up a crucial victory after impressing with a 21-12 win over Kevin Moffatt and while both David Llewellyn and Alan Winstanley picked up victories over Dave Woodhouse and Mike Dixon, Ambleside held on for victory.  Burton A remained on top of the league after an imposing win over Netherfield C, while Kirkby Lonsdale A were victorious over Burton B.  In the other games Windermere B and Crosthwaite A picked up 7-3 wins against Arnside A ands Allithwaite A.

In Division Three Milnthorpe A edged out Windermere C 6-4,Holme C and Victoria C won 7-3 against Ambleside B and Ingleborough A, while Abbot Hall A, Levens B and Lower Holker A ran out comfortable winners against Sedbergh, Burneside B and Heversham A.  Abbot Hall B and Allithwaite C are level on points at the top of Division Four after both teams won their respective games.

Abbot Hall defeated Netherfield D 7-3, while Allithwaite C defeated Levens C, Langdale  defeated Bowness B 7-3,Subscription B battled past Arnside B with an 8-2 win, Allithwaite B edged out kings Arms Hales B 7-3, while in the final game Endmoor A defeated Hawkshead.   Victoria D are top of Division Five By two points after winning 8-2 at Lindale D, while in Division Six Lindale C remain on top of the table with a 6-4 win over Endmoor C

Week 6

The Kendal and District Bowling League produced another competitive week of action across all six Divisions.  In Division One, Windermere A moved up to seventh place in the table after a hard fought 6-4 victory against Bowness A.  Bowness made a strong start after Kieran Clark edged out Peter Dobson 21-19, while there were also victories for Ivan Dobson, David Dunlop and Martin Greenhalgh.  However Windermere battled back when Steve Carruthers defeated Paul Clark 21-6, before Jane Glaister impressed with a 21-17 victory over Alan Fisher.  The hosts continued to impress when Ronnie Jones and Claire Backhouse picked up victories over Keith Dunlop and Peter Earley respectively. Jones held onto defeat Dunlop 21-19, before Backhouse edged out Earley 21-18.  In the other games Lindale A won 6-4 at Victoria B, Holme B defeated Netherfield B 8-2, Victoria A remained on top of the league with a 7-3 win at Netherfield A, while there were victories for both Holme A and Levens A.

Burton A remained two points clear at the top of Division Two after an 8-2 win at Arnside A, bottom of the table Subscription A edged out Crosthwaite A 6-4,Ambleside A won 7-3 at Burton B, Allithwaite A defeated Kirkby Lonsdale A 8-2, while Staveley A ran out 7-3 winners at Netherfield C.

In Division Three, there were 6-4 wins for Holme C, Ingleborough A and Burneside B who saw off Heversham A, Lower Holker A and Abbot Hall A. Windermere C and  Levens B drew 5-5, while Ambleside B and Sedbergh picked up victories over Victoria C and Milnthorpe A. Hawskhead climbed to the top of Division Four after an impressive 7-3 victory over Subscription B, Bowness B and Levens C were also 7-3 winners with victories over Allithwaite C and Netherfield D.   Abbot Hall B and Kings Arms Hales B edged out Endmoor A and Langdale 6-4.

In Division Five Crosthwaite B ,Burneside C and Heversham B ran out 7-3 winners over Ingleborough B, Milnthorpe B and Kirkby Lonsdale B.  There were also 6-4 wins for Victoria D, Endmoor B and Staveley B who all defeated Subscription C, Lindale D and Lower Holker D.  Lindale C defeated Endmoor C 6-4 in Division Six.

Week 5

Levens A defeated Netherfield A 8-2 in Division One of The Kendal and District Bowling League. The home team battled past a talented opponent, while Linda Valentine picked up the first points of the night following a hard fought 21-16 victory against John Capstick.  In the other games Aidan Millard defeated Phil Larkin 21-10, Graham Wood battled past Roy Crompton 21-14, while Daniel Edmonds won 21-16 against Peter Shepherd.  Netherfields Mal Barker pushed Levens James Dennison close before Dennison prevailed 21-19, while James Duffin impressed with a 21-8 win over John Sarsfield.  Netherfields points came from Sue Hogarth who defeated Steve Greenway 21-15 , while Mick Simpson was also victorious after putting in a solid display to defeat Tom Dennison 21-15.

Victoria A remained on top of Division One following a hard fought 6-4 victory over Kings Arms Hales A, Holme A defeated Windermere A 8-2, Burneside A saw off Holme B 6-4, Bowness A  won 7-3 over Victoria B, while Lindale A won 7-3 at Netherfield B.

In Division Two, Burton B edged out Windermere A 6-4,Burton A defeated Allithwaite A 8-2,Staveley A saw off Arnside A while there were also wins for Kirkby Lonsdale A and Ambleside A.  Abbot Hall battled to a hard fought 6-4 win over Windermere C in Division Three, Lower Holker A and Sedbergh drew 5-5, Ambleside B edged out Ingleborough A 6-4,Milnthorpe A won 7-3 over Levens A. In the other games Holme C defeated Burneside B 8-2 while Victoria C saw off Heversham A 7-3.

In Division Four there were wins for Subscription B, Endmoor A, Allithwaite B, Alithwaite C, Langdale and Arnside B.  Division Five continued to be competitive after Burneside C, Victoria D, Lower Holker B and Kirkby Lonsdale B registered 7-3 wins over Heversham B ,Ingleborough B, Crosthwaite B, and Endmoor B.  Subscription C edged past Lindale D6-4, while Staveley B won at Milnthorpe B.

Week 4

Victoria A continued to lead the way at the top of The Kendal and District Bowling League First Division after an emphatic 9-1 win at Windermere. Victoria dominated from the start after Martin Gilpin defeated Simon Walker 21-8. In the other matches, Ian Nicholson routed Paul Bush 21-6,  Alan Gilpin edged past Peter Dobson 21-18,while Ira Collier saw off Steve Carruthers 21-17.  Windermere’s solitary point came from Denis Blair who defeated Jonathan Cooper 21-18. However Victoria ran riot when Keith Atkinson, Daniel Monks and Matthew Simpson defeated Chris West, Jane Glaister and Ronnie Jones.  In the other games Holme A remained three points behind Victoria after seeing off Lindale A 9-1. Netherfield A defeated Holme B 8-2, Levens A won 7-3 at Kings Arms Hales A,Victoria B defeated Burneside A 9-1 while Bowness A whitewashed Netherfield B 10-0.

Burton A and Ambleside A remained the teams to beat in Division Two after both sides picked up convincing wins. Burton A who are top of the table by three points defeated Crosthwaite A 7-3. Ambleside continued to close the gap in second place after seeing off Kirkby Lonsdale A 8-2.  Windermere B won 7-3 at Subscription A, Netherfield C defeated Burton B 8-2,Staveley A won 7-3 at Allithwaite A, while Netherfield C also played on Thursday as they defeated Arnside A 7-3.

In Division Three, Ambleside B continued to dominate the division after a relatively comfortable 7-3 win at Sedbergh. Abbott Hall A and Levens B were also 7-3 winners with victories over Milnthorpe A and Holme C respectively. In the other games Ingleborough A and Victoria C picked up 6-4 wins over Heversham A and Burneside B, while Windermere C defeated Lower Holker C 8-2.

Division Four remained highly competitive, after Abbot Hall B , Kings Arms Hales B  and Hawkshead picked up 7-3 wins over Allithwaite B, Arnside B and Levens C. Netherfield D, Bowness B and Langdale picked up 8-2 wins over Allithwaite C, Subscription B and Endmoor A

In Division Five, Victoria D defeated Kirkby Lonsdale B 8-2, while there were also wins for Staveley B ,Lindale D, Crosthwaite B, Subscription C and Burneside C.

However four games were played in Division Six after Allithwaite D saw off Subscription D 7-3, Lindale C held onto defeat Holme D 6-4, Staveley C won 7-3 at Burneside D while Endmoor C won by the same score at Milnthorpe C.


Week 3

Victoria A remained on top of Division One in The Kendal & District Bowling League after a hardfought 8-2 win over Holme B.  Martin Gilpin defeated Holmes Alan Hine 21-7 in the first game, while Victorias Ian Nicholson saw off Ellie Chandler 21-4.  There were also wins for Alan Gilpin and Jonathan Cooper who defeated Tom  Baxter and  Stephen Varcoe 21-12 and 21-9 respectively, while Ira Collier edged out Dave Mc Roy 21-20.  Holme B battled back through both Alan Stewart and David Crayston however Victoria sealed the win through Daniel Monks who defeated Mike Fell 21-14.  In the other games Holme A routed Victoria B 10-0,Netherfield A saw off Kings Arms Hales A 9-1, Bowness A defeated Lindale A 8-2, Levens A defeated Windermere 7-3, while Netherfield B edged out Burneside A  6-4.

Burton A defeated Subscription A 8-2 in Division Two. Burton who have won their opening three games remained on top of the table.  Kirkby Lonsdale A dominated Crosthwaite A 9-1,Ambleside A edged out Windermere B 6-4, Burton B won by the same score at Staveley A, while Netherfield C defeated Arnside A.

Ambleside B continued to dominate Division Three following a routine 8-2 win over Heversham A, Lower Holker A, Ingleborough A, Holme C and Victoria C won by the same score with victories over Milnthorpe A, Burneside B,Levens B,Windermere C and Sedbergh respectively.  In the final game Abbot Hall A drew 5-5 with Levens B.

In Division Four there were wins for Hawskhead,Arnside Allithwaite C,Subscription B, Abbot Hall B and Allithwaite B.  Staveley B defeated Burneside C 7-3 in Division Five, while Lindale D,Crosthwaite B,Lower Holker B, Milnthorpe B,and Ingleborough B were also victorious.

The opening fixtures in Division Six were also played after Holme D defeated Subscription D 8-2.in the other games Burneside D Endmoor C 6-4,Lindale C defeated Allithwaite D 8-2, while Windermere D saw off Milnthorpe C 7-3.

Week 1

The Kendal and District Bowling League made a dramatic return after the 2018 season got underway.  Holme A began the defence of their Division One Title with an emphatic 8-2 victory over Holme B. The defending champions dominated from the start after Daniel Varcoe defeated Tom Baxter 21-1., while there were also wins for Matthew Stewart and Mark Ashburn who saw off Mike Fell and Stephen Varcoe.  Holme B battled back when Alan Hine edged out Liam Baxter 21-16 before Ellie Chandler defeated Callum Baxter 21-13.  However, Holme eased their way to victory when Bob Grisedale and Stephen Ashburn edged out Alan Stewart and Dave Crayston 21-18 respectively, before Gavin Whitehead saw off Dave Mc Roy 21-15.  In the other Division One games, Victoria A routed Victoria B 9-1, Netherfield A edged out Netherfield B 7-3,Lindale A defeated Levens A 7-3, while Kings Arms Hale held their nerve to defeat Windermere A 6-4. In the final game both Burneside A and Bowness A battled out an entertaining 5-5 draw.

In Division Two, Ambleside A defeated Netherfield C 7-3, Staveley A dominated Subscription A 9-1 while there were 8-2 wins for Kirkby Lonsdale A, Arnside A and Burton A who saw off Windermere B, Allithwaite A and Burton B respectively.  Ambleside B defeated Milnthorpe A 9-1 in Division Three, while Lower Holker A, Ingleborough A, Burneside B, Windermere C and Holme picked up crucial victories.

In Division Four Subscription B and newly promoted Abbot Hall B shared the spoils in a dramatic 5-5 draw. Eve Clark picked up the best result for Subscription after an impressive 21-5 victory against Ron Butler, while Margaret Petcher claimed   the best result for Abbot Hall following an 21-10 win over Jacqui Howarth.  Endmoor A, Allithwaite C, King Arms Hales B and Netherfield D won their respective games before Arnside B and Langdale drew 5-5.  In Division Five, Lower Holker B, Lindale D, Victoria D, Staveley B, Subscription C and Ingleborough B all made winning starts to the season following wins against Endmoor B, Burneside C, Milnthorpe B, Crosthwaite B and Kirkby Lonsdale B.

Super 32

This year’s Super 32 competition was hosted by Victoria Bowling Club, the players had been selected from their successes in 2017 and they did not disappoint.  It was a glorious sunny day morning and with great facilities at the Kendal Victoria and bowling to match.

The individual results matched the plays commitment to do well, in the first round close matches came from Daniel Varcoe (1) Holme 21 against Dave Nicholson Lindale 19, there were no upsets this year in the first round with all the matches going with last year’s form. Three close second round matched came from Martin Wilson (6) Crosthwaite 21 against Dave McRoy Holme 91, Ian Nicholson (2)Victoria 21 against Ira Collier(15) Victoria 19 and Daniel Varcoe (1) Holme against Alan Sanderson Victoria 19.

The standard of bowling did not diminish all through the day, culminating in excellent semi finals.  Home bowler Ian Nicholson (2) Victoria against Martin Gilpin (3)Victoria A, Martin remained cool throughout his game edging towards the finishing line however Ian moved up a gear in the last 5 ends to pip Martin to the post 21,20 . Two Matthews battled in the other semi-final Matthew Stewart (5)Holme against Matthew Simpson (8) Victoria, Matthew Stewart played across the green with success all day and continued with this play to produce a comfortable 21 ,7 win.

The final was a game of excellent bowling with both Ian (2)and Matthew (5)producing final bowl winners on a number of occasions during the match. However towards the end of the game Ian managing to gain an advantage by winning 3 consecutive ends which resulted in a 21 16 win for Ian Nicholson (2)Victoria  over the young Matthew Stewart (5)Holme.  This is the second win of the Super 32 competition for Ian who previously won in 2015, he continues to be  a formidable bowler in the area.

Thanks were given to Victoria Bowling Club for hosting the event and to FMB who sponsor the event. Another excellent start to the Kendal and District Bowling League season with league matches due to start on Tuesday 3.