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We have 59 teams in the League. Therefore we are having Ten teams in divisions 1 to 5.  and Nine  teams in division 6.  


All the games to be played under BCGBA rules, & K&DBL Constitution & Match Rules.


The League is to start on Tuesday 27th. April.


We are playing a full League programme; there will be Promotion & relegation. How many go up or come down will depend on how many of the teams that have withdrawn this season, come back in next year. Any team that withdrew and wish to come back in, will go back in the position that they were at the end of 2019. This to be confirmed at our A.G.M. in November.


All Clubs to follow the Covid restrictions as set out in the latest information from BCGBA.


Social distancing must be maintained as much as possible. Face masked to be worn when inside.


Sanitizer dispensers to be available


No spectators are allowed. We are allowed Officials.


All equipment, to be sanitized before and after use.


In practice please use your own jack & mat. We advise you to carry your own sanitizer.


Standard jacks to be used in all games.


All jacks & mats to be used to be sanitized before and after each game.


Scoreboards can be used but is up to the discretion of the home team. If used to be sanitized after each game. If not used then the scorer to announce the score every third end.


Score cards & boards to be sanitized after each game. Scorers to use own pencils, if not pens to be sanitized after each game

Only use one measurer per measure if possible.


Club Secretaries & Team Captains.

Update your Club details and players on MB web site. It is now open

Please update your Clubs Secretary and Team Captains on the site.

The log in number for each club has not been changed.( Contact Denise if you do not know it)

If you have any unlisted players, that need entering. Contact Alan for teams in Div.1 to 3 and Denise for teams in Div. 4 to 6.

Any queries please contact me

Colin Haworth.  Chairman. K & D B L     



Kendal League and MB Bowling Results Information Sheet



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